Another Facet Of Service

Good Evening My Friends, This may be a little long but bear with me and let me indulge myself briefly.

I hadn't shared much about my background before now but after having started this last book project, I think it appropriate that I share a little. I do hold an evangelist license through the COGIC organization where I received most of my training. I have attended several Bible colleges and is presently seeking the Lord for one that I may complete my theological efforts. I have worked alongside notable men of God in other ecclesiastical organizations and have references that I can present unashamedly. I have served as an editor for the earlier version of the First Jurisdictional Southern California Ecclesiastical Newspaper. Under the direction of Bishop Charles E. Blake.

I have not only ministerial training academically but have been used and allowed to flow in my gifting to teach and preach the Word of God. I have served in the prison ministry, the outreach programs for families and seniors within the community where I lived and attended church. I have served and worked side by side with the first ladies not only in the women's ministry but wherever I was assigned. No one that I have worked with could truthfully speak ill of my service and personage. I served with a glad and humble heart. I have served in the children's ministry, teaching Sunday school to the young adults and serving as a role model and worker with the Purity Class. Worked with the couples and marriage ministries. I have sung in choirs and gospel singing groups. I am presently under ministerial training and ordination under the great leadership of Bishop Virgil Jones, Elder Mary Jones and Pastor Dr. Virgil Jones, Jr at Philippian Community Church Jacksonville, Florida. And finally, have authored and published three books. And the list could continue with many fundraising enterprises presented to different churches within my community of service. This is just an overview as I cannot write a full resume here. I do hope that this helps you all better understand the work that I publish here on Facebook. I believe that this is just the beginning. You will see and hear more from me as the Lord open doors for me. I ask for your continued prayers and support as I pray that something I write may bless your souls. Blessings!!!

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello Everyone!! Welcome to my space in cyberspace! I hope all is well with you and yours. I wanted to take a little time to follow up on my introduction video that was posted on my Facebook page earlier. I will tell you a little bit about myself and some information about my background. This will help you get to know me better and why I am passionate about charitable gift giving. 

I started my career in selling life insurance with Metropolitan Life Insurance, yep..the Snoopy company; in 1994 while living in Southern California. It was there where I began establishing a niche market in wealth creation and preservation for myself. I also took a particular interest in how an insurance policy actually works and from there I began to educate myself on how money and insurance worked in the world we live in. I found that life insurance is more than something to be used for burials, but it is literally a financial vehicle used to preserve and create wealth. 

In my conquest for knowledge, I came upon an opportunity to open my own financing firm. Again, I was still a licensed agent, but this opportunity seemed to be something that I could work with along side of my insurance career. Not realizing that they both would go hand in hand. I became a money broker and opened up JGroup2 International Commercial Financing in Montclair, California. As a money broker, it would be my job to find investors for project owners looking for funds for their businesses. Within weeks of announcing my business publically, I had taken on several multimillion-dollar proposals for various projects ranging from real estate development to manufacturing and machinery. As a result, I learned even more about how important insurance would be to those deals being funded.

Today, I am no longer a broker but the knowledge I gained is priceless. It is with that knowledge that I ascertained power to handle wealth. I was also honored to be licensed as an evangelist within my church organization where I received much biblical training in Scripture and doctrine. I was privileged to learn from some of the best in different denominations. Hence my spiritual and natural knowledge goes hand in hand.

My dear friends, I want to share that same information with you. But not for stocking up for yourselves, but for the purpose of giving. 

Live to give, and you will handle and have access to much wealth. 


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