Making More To Give More

Giving more begins with a desire to have more to give. There are many ways to gather wealth. But your main focus is on giving and God promised to supply seed to the sower. How much seed you acquire will be determined by your level of desire. Do you want to give much or do you want to give little?

Creating Money

An ongoing series of informational entries

Another fun money creation idea.....

Another option if you have a little bit of money that you're looking to leverage is to lend money to others! This sounds odd, but being a lender can be a great way to earn $10,000 or more! There are also platforms out there that make it really easy to get started.

The main companies in this space are Prosper and Lending Club. These companies offer personal loans, that typically range anywhere from $1,000 to $40,000. These personal loans can be used for anything, from refinancing student loan debt to doing home improvement projects.

As a lender, you can invest in loans that meet your criteria for interest and time. You get paid back principal and interest every month, and you can reinvest that money into other loans.

Check out Lending Club and get started!

How To Grow $1300 from $1

March 7, 2018

Okay, guys this is waaay too easy. Just by using the law of exponents, you could start with any dollar amount and watch it grow. 

So, here's what you need to do. 

Start with one dollar and put it in a piggy bank or bank account. You could designate or open a savings bank account to be used just for this project. 

You are only going to add to your savings account one dollar a week to the previous contribution. In other words, week number 1, you start with one dollar. Week number two, you add a dollar, so instead of being one dollar in savings, now you have three in savings. To make this as simple as possible, remember that the week is equal to the amount you put in savings. So, week number three, you put in three dollars. Now, you should have a total of six dollars in savings. 

Here is an example for you to follow:

Week 1      $1     Savings    $1

Week 2     $2     Savings    $3

Week 3     $3    Savings     $6

Week 4     $4     Savings     $10

Week 5     $5     Savings     $15    

By the time you get to Week 52, you should be contributing $52 dollars to your savings for that week for a total savings of $1383. Using your calculator, you will see week by week what your savings would add up to. If you miss a week, you could start where you left off at or play catch up if you can. Imagine having several people in your household or fundraising group doing this all at the same time. How much money could you raise or save in a year just by saving an extra dollar once a week?

Ok now, so no more excuses, let's get saving so you can have more to give more!!!